November 13, 2007

test tea as it is blogger

While there are some teas actually harvested from trees growing in remote isolated places, most of our teas are grown under deliberately determined wild conditions: with abundant space ( unlike cramped commercial tea gardens where maximum harvest output is the aim), abundant sunshine and moisture, far from traveled roads, undomesticated ( unfertilized and allowed to grow without pruning or other manipulation); leaves are harvested once or at most, twice a year and at regular intervals, trees are allowed to go unpicked and rest for years at a time. Obviously, the emphasis is on producing unique, superior quality teas whose taste can hardly be compared with teas from trees grown by what have become “conventional” methods. Not only do these teas excel in taste and fragrance but also in qi and beneficial effects on health. It should be recalled after all, that tea was first recognized in ancient China as a medicine that remarkably improved vitality and mood. Of course, those ancient teas were from wild trees.